Superb Simply Be

I wanted my first post to be about something that I am really loving at the moment.

AX PARIS SLINKY BARDOT JUMPSUIT – £48 but on sale for £38.50.

I found this jumpsuit while on the hunt for a dress for my Graduation Ball at the end of May. I think I tried on every formal dress they had in Simply B, Teesside park. I ended up buying a dress that was, on paper, everything that I wanted. Navy, full length and very ball like but I wasn’t totally happy. I felt restricted and a little bit uncomfortable because it wasn’t something I was used to wearing.

The next day, I went on the hunt for another dress. Many dresses later I finally made a decision and chose the first thing that I had tried on the day before.

I need to say something about how helpful and friendly the staff were in Simply B at both locations. They seemed genuinely happy to help, which is refreshing and it makes me feel a lot more comfortable. It’s nice to have a changing room without horrid lighting, I have been to many clothes shops and their lighting is very harsh and I don’t think it flatters anyone. The cubicles and changing room as a whole was spacious with seating for mum and boyfriend. I was surprised that they allowed men into the changing room area but I think it’s a good thing.

Positives: for me this jumpsuit was one of the most comfortable outfits that I have bought. The fabric kept me cool all night, it glided over my skin hiding some lumps and bumps that I was conscious about. It made me feel dressed up, which is what I wanted for the ball but I felt free to move and dance.

Negatives: The only issue I have with this garment is that they suggest hand wash only. Which can be rather annoying.

10/10 – Would definitely recommend

4 thoughts on “Superb Simply Be

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