6 things to do in Edinburgh

First of all, a big shout out to Virgin Trains for the amazingly cheap deals they had to Edinburgh last weekend, I have been wanting to go for ages and those cheap tickets made it possible!

Go shopping on Princes Street 
As soon as you come up the stairs out of Edinburgh Waverley you arrive on Princes Street and if you have come to Edinburgh for a bit of retail therapy then this is the place to be. It has all the stores you could need from H&M and other high street stores to Jenners, if you are looking for more high end products. It also has the occasional tourist gift stop, something for everyone.

Relax in the Princes Street gardens
Opposite all of the shops and over the road is the Princes Street gardens, which spans the length of the street. A lovely place to walk, rest or play with plenty of benches and cute little ice cream shops. I enjoyed just laying on the grass having a chill out after walking around the city all day.

Visit the National Museum of Scotland 
I have been to Edinburgh lots of times but I had never been here until my most recent trip. The building itself is stunning which made me more excited to see what exhibitions it had on offer. They have a wide range of exhibitions from science history with dinosaur and other animal skeletons to fashion through the ages. They even had a section all about technology, so there is something for everyone. Even better that it is free so if you are on a budget and don’t want to spend to much then I think it’s well worth a visit.

Walk The Royal Mile 
The royal mile is part of the old town of Edinburgh, that leads right up to the entrance of the castle. This street had more traditional Scottish shops in and I feel like it has so much more culture compared to Princes Street. You never know what you might find down an alleyway or off a little side street, we stumbled across the cathedral while looking for the museum of Scotland. All along the royal mile you will also find a vast variety of street performers. From singers to people in costume to flame throwers, I guess the best thing about it is that you never know what you might find. These acts can draw some pretty big crowds, so if you see one, go have a look and see what’s going on. You never know you might enjoy it!

Visit St Giles’ Cathedral
I’m so glad we stumbled across this, I’m a sucker for some stained glass and this was such an amazing building with as some of the most beautiful stained glass windows I have seen. They are so detailed and intricate, they really told a story and I loved the way the sun light shone through and created some interesting patterns on the walls.

Visit Edinburgh Castle 
I, myself didn’t go into the castle on my last visit to Edinburgh and I kind of wish I had but being a student I really didn’t fancy paying the £17 to get in. (They don’t even do student discount) But it is a iconic landmark of Edinburgh and you can always see it so I think that if you have a chance you should go for it. The views that we got from stepping inside were amazing so I assume the views are even better from the very top!
I would say if you are going to visit the castle, book ahead. The line on the day to buy tickets was ridiculously long compared to the no line of people getting their pre booked tickets.

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