Hello everyone and here is where I welcome you to my blog. My name is Gracie and I am 21 year old living and studying in Huddersfield hopefully to get a BA degree in Textiles Design. 

Blogging is something that I have tried todo before but never succeeded with but now I am almost finished university and I have a lot more time on my hands to focus my attention on to this blog and hopefully make it interesting. I love fashion, make up and art, anything creative and exciting basically. I am also on the chunky side, so I want to show people that plus sized fashion doesn’t haven’t to be boring! But can be flattering and on trend. Ive decided to head down the delightful path of trying to lose my chunk, so hopefully you can all keep me going and we can inspire and motivate each other. I do have a gym membership but whether I use it is a totally different matter! 

I have an Instagram page for all my textiles related work, if anyone wants to take a look then it’s graciescarlettdesign. So guys keep an eye on your feeds and let’s start this journey together 🙂